Putting the "ooh" back in "existential dooom"

Hello person on the internet, welcome to FOSSILHEADS: CLIMATE CRISIS CABARET!

Our mission is to encourage audiences towards climate action with our unique eco-political/comic/folk/opera/theatrical songs.

Here’s a new song! “Doubt is Our Product (#ExxonKnew)” is influenced by the book “Merchants of Doubt” by Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway and also the #ExxonKnew campaign.

And here is some live footage from one of our first gigs at Cambridge Boathouse in 2019:

Here are some reviews and quotes about our show:

“FOSSILHEADS are next and the duo’s songs about the looming climate catastrophe are as timely and pointed as they are funny. The pair are fantastic performers with great chemistry and stage presence. Songs about climate change denial and corporate greenwashing are delivered with a mix of comedic character work and incredible musicianship. As per their introduction, they do indeed put the ‘ooh’ in ‘existential doom'”. TWINFEST REVIEW, NEW BOOTS

“Clever, funny, superbly talented and thought provokingSCOTT DOONICAN, THE BAR-STEWARD SONS OF VAL DOONICAN

“You were FAB! Getting a laugh out of climate change is quite a challenge but light relief is essential to keep us going and you provided some good belly laughs alongside spot-on lyrics. FOSSILHEADS is so clever, so brilliantly observed, so funny and so true. Thanks for being part of the Solution Zone.” EM WEIRDIGAN, GREEN GATHERING

“Segovia meets the Oxford English Dictionary – absolutely incredible!” DAVID FITZGERALD, BBC RADIO DEVON

“If you like unusual eco songs sung by 2 complete weirdos… then this is the stuff for you. 11/10 would listen again. Prepare your funny bone though!” JESS TUTHILL, NATIONAL UKELELE SENSATION

“I saw Fossilheads at small world festival and they blew me away. Very funny and poignant. The pair bounce off each other in a wonderful way. Highly recommend them!” AMY GARROD, FOSSILHEADS FB PAGE

We are always on the look out for more venues and events to play, and will consider just about anything that we can get on public transport – so why not get onto our contact page IMMEDIATELY?

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